Draw a snake and add legs

"In the state of Chu (楚), a certain respectable household was performing the Spring Sacrificing Ceremony (祠) to honor the ancestors.  To celebrate the occasion, the master of the house gave a jug of good wine to his household servants.
“If we all share the wine, no one would feel content. But for just one of us, this jug is satisfying enough.  Let us compete by drawing a snake.  The first to complete his drawing would win the wine.”
Everyone agreed to the idea. One of the men drew very quickly and completed his snake first. Then seeing how others were still drawing, he decided to add four legs to his snake for his own amusement. When he finished, the man said: “You all are slow. I was even able to add legs to my snake!”
As the man was about to put the wine to his lips, the jug was suddenly torn away from his hand.
The other man said, “Snakes have no legs.  How could you then add legs?!”  With that, he drank the wine as the winner of the competition."
this is an illustration I've done for a magazine based on the chinese saying:
Exaggeration is to draw a snake and add legs